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  1. Excuse me for a while…you know I had to write that.
    Okay, so this may seem a bit revealing but I’m home alone and I want to share.
    Years ago I was a music writer. My tunes were pretty good. It was kick to hear them played by a local band. My stuff was a little ahead of its time, or so I was told, different and received well. So this morning I turn on my computer, find you and listen to what you posted. My speakers are blasting, like heavy breathing the house is swaying to the ethereal beat and I am bawling (good tunes do that to me) because this gut stirring shit is so awesome. Thanks for a great emotional start to a whole day I get to write without any distractions but Hannah’s voice.

  2. I usually don’t like the music vids people put on their blogs.
    But you, girl, can play the tunes any time. That was awesome.
    Not just the music, but the story it showed too. I’m sending it to my little girl now.