Going Down

This weekend, I spoke with Drew at length about the plot of my work in progress and would not let him escape until he’d told me what, as a man, he would do in my character’s place.

Such a revelation. Men and women really do not think the same way at all. I’ve been trying to provide my male character a sufficient motive for the crime he needs to commit, and had it somewhat convoluted due to my feminine nature: talk it over! stop and consider what you’re doing! let’s hug this out! Drew has no use for any of that. My character is already pissed at the bad guy, he’s seething . . . add some white-hot jealousy to the mix and bam! Bad guy is going down. It needs no further justification as far as Drew is concerned. The elements add up and the evil deed can be done.

Oh what a beautiful thing, that straightforward male rage. That linear thought process. I once asked Drew what he thinks about while he’s driving. His answer: driving. Baffling, ladies, I know. Often I arrive home with no memory even of the route I’ve taken to get there. Asking a woman to stop multitasking is like asking a man to stop jerking off. It’s a physiological impossibility.

Armed with this fountain of knowledge and with all the puzzle pieces falling into place, I finally have the structure sorted out and, I hope, a compelling story. With some of the most awful prose you’ve ever read, but that’s a whinge for another day.

How do you get inside the mind of the opposite sex?

Photograph by Ellen Von Unwerth


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