Chopping Block

The receptionist is out sick and I’m covering the phones again. The front desk is next to the conference room, so even with the door closed I can hear every word. Yesterday two people got suspended, there were some arguments regarding the new budget, and the big bug and slightly smaller bug had a huge falling out. They passed me separately on their way to the front door and neither one said a word. Oh, we’re a big happy family around here.

So it’s 8:30 and I’m headed downstairs to take up my position on the front line. I’m going to live on the edge today, and offer a running commentary of who’s in that room and what they’re talking about. Scintillating. Yes, I know.

What’s going on at your office? Anyone’s head on the chopping block? Do you think I might get fired if I kick back with The Story of O and eat strawberries at the front desk?

Yes, it's in bad taste. Whatever.


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